Fuel Monitoring

racso fuel monitoring

Management and monitoring of fuel are two key principles that will help you increase your fleet’s efficiency and profitability. While many companies from different industries spend a huge amount of money on fuel, Racso comes forward with its monitoring and management system. These services help the customers to keep track of their fleet’s fuel consumption and to have an unprecedented advantage over their competitors. Accurate statistics and reports will be assets for you to take the right decisions in improving fuel consumption efficiently and minimize operational costs. Monitoring remains the best way to detect fuel wastage and theft. 

How fuel sensors work?

Sensors are attached in fuel tanks. The aim is to measure fuel flow and variation of level. This particular system gives access to real-time information about fuel levels, consumption, and refilling. Racso uses high-precision sensors from which precise data valuables are generated for daily fleet operations and decisions.  

Fuel sensors attributes

  • Offers accurate fuel level and volume measurement
  • They can be fitted to almost any tank size
  • Suitable for all vehicles, including construction & agricultural machinery and storage tanks
  • Resist challenging environments and temperature swings
racso on board terminals - gps tracking devices

Advantages of fuel monitoring

Fueling supervision

You make sure that the exact amount of fuel was delivered to your fleet.

Fuel theft prevention

A sudden drop in the fuel consumption graphic could mean a possible theft. With our service, you receive on-time alerts.

Reports & analytics

Evaluate fuel efficiency, plan supplies and forecast costs with a detailed fuel level and consumption reports.

Online fuel level and consumption tracking

You can check the fuel level of your vehicles at any time, which gives you unprecedented visibility on your fleet.