Fuel Delivery

Managing the fuel supply for your fleet becomes easier with Racso’s on-site fuel delivery service. Experienced and trustworthy, our team of experts have the insights to ensure that your fleet is never left with empty tanks. Moreover, our fleet size and flexibility enable us to meet all your diesel delivery needs on time for on-road and off-road equipment.

How fuel delivery works? 

Keeping your fleet on the road and your machines running require convenient and timely fueling. With Racso, you benefit from direct fuel delivery anywhere, anytime.   

Embrace innovation with our GPS trackers and fuel sensors. These are installed on your fleet and enable our team to locate any of your vehicles in need of fuel.   

Direct fuel delivery is also available for: 

  • Fleet vehicles 
  • Stationary equipments & off-road machines
  • Generators

Advantages of fuel delivery

Reduce wear and tear

On-site fleet fueling cuts down unnecessary mileage and diesel consumption when driving to refuel at a retail filling station.

Time gain

Driving time of your drivers is maximized as wasted travel to filling station is eliminated.

Money Saver

Paying retail filling station’s prices is expensive. Cut cost by buying your diesel in bulk and getting delivered when needed.


Get visibility on your fleet fuel consumption and cost with detailed reporting.

Reduce theft

Since there is no more need for refueling at filling stations, you eliminate petty thievery at the pump.


Eliminate the risk of stocking inflammable products on your own site.